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Results and performances

hey all! Just a quickie life-update for those of you who care :p x

On Friday I found out that I’d passed my second year! It wasn’t a spectacular pass, but it was a solid 2:2. I’m happy with that. I could have done better IF I’d worked harder, but I think a 2:2 is an accurate reflection of the amount of work I did.

Of course, second year only counts towards 25% of my overall degree. Our first year counted for nothing, and third year is 75%. This means that if I want to finish with a 2:1 or higher I’ll REALLY have to step up my game next year. In all honesty I’m not sure I can reach that level, especially since I’ll have multiple other commitments, but there’s no harm in trying eh?

Last Saturday evening was also my first concert with Sing Out Bristol, an LGBT community choir. We sang in St George’s Bristol, with a well known gay & lesbian choir from London called The Pink Singers. Both choirs were phenomenal (if I do say so myself). I’m pretty much the most modest person you’ll ever meet, but seriously we were awesome.

And the afterparty was fantastic. It was at the Queenshilling. It was like a million degrees in there and I was dressed up in my shirt and tie and I was dehydrated from the concert so naturally I had a few drinks, but because it was so hot I got drunk without getting hydrated. By 1.30ish I’d moved onto the water, but by then I’d apparently drunk enough alkyhol to keep me sociable throughout the rest of the night.

As to whether or not there was anyone there I fancied I shall say nothing. I was, however, given various signs from people I didn’t fancy. Don’t worry though, I was a good boy. No random hook ups for me. I’ve tagged this post “Romance”, although I suppose it’s more like “No-mance”.

Now that the Sing Out concert is out of the way I’m all done for the year! … almost.

Tomorrow (Friday) I have a music exam. I’m taking my Grade 6 singing. I took my Grade 5 back in sixth form and honestly I’d hoped I would have been further by now. In school I had friends who were Grade 8. However, if I pass my Grade 6 this Friday I stand a reasonable chance of reaching Grade 8 by the end of my degree. Which would be nice :p

That’s all for now, folks! Hope y’all have a nice day : ) x