Fuck you, Jeremy Irons

I’ll be honest: up until earlier today I didn’t actually know who Jeremy Irons was. I knew he was an actor, but I wouldn’t have been able to pick his face out of a crowd. So yay, I learned something today.

Here’s the video, by the way, of Mr Irons explaining his personal take on the problems associated with marriage equality:


Apparently, while he has “no strong feelings” about the subject, he opposes marriage equality on the basis that it would allow fathers to marry their sons in order to dodge inheritance tax.

Holy. Fucking. Fuck. How can I…? I don’t even…

Here are his top five mistakes (for a two minute clip, five mistakes is not bad going). In no particular order:

  1. Gay or straight, you can’t marry your immediate family. I don’t know how to start finding a reference to back that up, because (just going out on a limb here) I don’t think the issue comes up very often. You know, because most people aren’t idiots.
  2. There’s a bunch of issues with his characterisation of wealth passing down between the men in a family – antifeminist much? Fuck you.
  3. If the whole intergenerational-marriage-for-inheritance thing actually was an issue, it would have come up already in civil partnerships. You know, the civil partnerships that are exactly the same as marriages apart from the name? Methinks you haven’t really thought this through, Jeremy.
  4. The scenario you describe would proscribe both father and son from marrying anyone else until the father dies. I know that some people really love money, but that seems like an unreasonable sacrifice.
  5. Current marriage laws can be abused. Two situations that seem to occur fairly frequently (on TV) are the “marriage for money” and the “marriage for citizenship”. Neither of these are an indictment of hetero-marriage as a whole.

Also I’m pretty sure he just said that if gay marriage is legalised then he personally would consider marrying his own son in order to avoid paying inheritance tax. Re-watch the clip and then take a minute to think about whether or not this man is worth listening to at all.

There are a bunch of other things in that video I’d like to pick apart, but I’m not quite on my A-game today. I didn’t blog at all in March (BAD Jack!), so I might have fallen out of the swing of things. I’ll be back soon, though, and hopefully with something more interesting to say! Thanks for reading 🙂

  1. There, there Jack. (*pat on head*) You are getting emotional over an actor giving an opinion about an area he has no expertise in. He makes a living pretending to be other people, speaking words he doesn’t write. That’s all he can be expected to have credibility when speaking about.

    Do you also care what the Kardashians have to say about the debt crisis? Are you writing to your Congressperson to query whether your movie choices are appropriate? Remember the cliche about opinions being like assholes (everybody’s got one). Stick to experts talking about what they know.

    • I do care about other people’s opinions, especially when those people have platforms as large as he does. If the Kardashians were particularly outspoken about the debt crisis then yes, I’d want to know what they were saying.

      You obviously care about other people’s opinions too, since you’re commenting here. The only difference is that I’m commenting on the opinion of a celebrity, and you’re commenting on the opinion of some stranger on the internet. Mind = blown

      • WordPress is my “morning paper”. I write comments like some people do the crossword puzzle. I don’t have much emotional investment in the activity, but your being affected by a non-expert’s opinion was in line with posts I’ve written about who to pay attention to about what. I have a good education and professional experience in the arts, and I work in health care now. Aside from topics related to those, nobody should give two shits about what I have to say on any other subject area – though I might break down and offer it anyway. Human ego is boundless 🙂

      • Fair enough. I suppose I have a different view of things.

        Are you familiar with the saying “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”? Well, for ignorance to triumph all that is required is that it is not corrected. As a person who would like the option of marrying someone of the same-sex, public ignorance with regards to same-sex marriage is something I choose not to ignore.

  2. Well, that presents us with the dilemma of how to most effectively use our energies to create change. There’s so little time, and SO MUCH ignorance. I think you have to choose battles you can win.

    • Well THAT really depends on how you define “battles you can win”. No, I don’t expect Jeremy Irons to read this and retract his comments; but it’s more than possible that other people might read this and appreciate it, and I’d consider that a battle won.

      • Oh, is that all? That’s EASY. I agree with you. There – you won! 😉

    • Lauren blah blah
    • April 4th, 2013

    Gaaaaaaay 😛

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