Under the Sheets (Part 4)

Posted by [Deleted user] on Thursday 30.08.2012 at 00.47

That was fucking terrifying. Seriously, NEVER AGAIN.

We met the others at eight by the pub. J wasn’t there, which is bloody typical (whatever, over it). There were six of us (to start with), all people from my school so I knew most of them pretty well.

One of them, Jess, showed us where the hole was. It was her younger brother who’d fallen in, I think. It was just what it sounds like – a big hole in the ground that led into an underground room. I guess when the lab burnt down; it must have weakened whatever structure had been holding the roof up.

It was quite easy to get into. There were a few long beams that had been propped against the side of the pit, probably by the kids who’d been hanging around here before, and you could basically just walk right down there. One of the girls slipped, though, so some guy who I think was her boyfriend had to take her home.

The four of us who were left had a little disagreement about what to do next. The chamber we were in was pretty big, with tall walls that were probably white before the fire and two large doorways on opposite side of the room. Holly, another of the girls from my school, kinda wanted to just go home; and honestly I kind of agreed with her. The other two, though, Jess and Steven, wanted to go on. I didn’t want to look lame (and I don’t think Holly did either) so in the end we all agreed that we’d pick one of the two doorways and go that way for a little while, and then come back.

In retrospect it was a really stupid thing to do. We knew that the ceiling had already fallen in on one room; how could we be sure it wouldn’t happen in another? Just one more reason I’m never going back there.

We picked the doorway farthest from the side we’d come down on. The other doorway was blocked off a little by rubble and the beams we’d used, and also it was really dark and gave off a really creepy vibe.

I noticed that we all bunched together as we headed towards the doorway we’d chosen. I didn’t mind though, I was already getting a little freaked out. It led down a long dark hallway, with walls equally as charred as those of the previous room, and long fluorescent lightbulbs overhead that just wouldn’t turn on, no matter how hard I willed them to with my mind.

It was really clean. The floor of the first room had been covered in dirt and bits of ceiling, but the floors here were absolutely bare. Part of me (the dark, kinda messed up part) was wondering if we were going to come across the burned bodies of the scientists and soldiers who must surely have worked here, but we found nothing.

A little way down the hall was another door, this one leading to a lower ceilinged room filled with what looked like lab benches. Computer monitors lined the benches around the walls, each and every one blackened and broken. It seemed that this room had not been spared by the fire either.

All of a sudden, Steven called me over. He’d made it was to the far end of the room while the rest of us had still been examining the broken computer and lab equipment that was scattered haphazardly across the tops of the work tables.

I joined him without hesitation, but before I’d even got to him I started to get a bad feeling about the big glass panels he was inspecting.

They were large tanks, the kind you’d keep lizards or spiders in. They were just as fire damaged as everything else we’d seen, but I could clearly make out where the heating lamp had been. My cousin used to have a snake. Did you guys know that? I feel like I may have told you about it before.

The tanks were broken. I know that fires crack glass, but I couldn’t stop myself from imagining that something had broken the glass to escape. Either way the tanks were empty, so if there had been anything kept in there when the fire started it either got out or burned completely to dust.

I didn’t have to think about that too long though, because just then Holly screamed. Steven and I ran over to her and Jess to ask her what had happened, but she couldn’t give us a coherent answer. She said she’d seen something moving, fast and dark and low to the ground, but she didn’t know what it was. I could tell that Steven thought she’d imagined it, and me and Jess were sceptical too, but I knew that we were all ready to leave.

I don’t know if it was for attention or out of genuine fear but all the way back Holly’s head was bobbing about like a squirrel’s, constantly scanning the floor for movement. She clung so tightly to Jess that when it came time to climb back out of the collapsed room they had to go two at a time, with Steven above them and pulling them up and me below holding the beams secure.

When I got home I was so creeped out that I turned on all the lights. Not even joking.

Never. Again.


Life’s greatest miracle: that two bodies can become one… under the sheets.

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