Under the Sheets (Part 2)

Posted by [Deleted user] on Tuesday 28.08.2012 at 12.50

Fml. My mum wants to take me and my sister to Yorkshire next week. We only have like two weeks of summer holiday left and I don’t wanna waste it locked away in some derelict farmhouse in the middle of nowhere with no internet. We already live in the middle of nowhere :/

And on top of that, things are like actually properly weird now. I TOLD you I wasn’t crazy.

Steven phoned me this morning. Apparently some of the local kids have been hanging around the ruins of that military place and yesterday evening one of them fell into some buried chamber. He was fine and stuff, but basically he said that this underground chamber looks like it’s connected to a whole bunch of others, which totally confirms the theory of the big underground lab. Steven said the kid was pretty freaked out, but they got him out fine and I’m sure he’ll get over it.

That isn’t the weirdest part, though.

Two of Steven’s neighbours, the Johnstones I think they’re called, were found dead this morning. Steven said he heard that the postman found one of them half out of the door and covered in blood. I dunno… he probably doesn’t have a reliable source for that though. The weird part is that the Johnstones are the nearest house to the burnt down military lab.

I went over to see Steven after he phoned me, and we went for a look. The police had obviously been there because there was police tape over everything, but can I just say they did a really shit job. It looked like they’d done it in five minutes, which to be honest they must have because we got there at like eleven and the postman could only have found them at like nine or later, right? Besides, I thought the police were supposed to hang around for hours after something like this, interviewing people and shining those UV lights on stuff. Lazy so and sos, I say. Whatever they’re paid, it’s too much.

I’m not actually worried or anything, but if anyone’s experienced anything like this before can they give me a message? There’s still been nothing in the papers about the lab burning down, and I’ve searched for it online but I can’t find anything there either.

I reckon it was definitely top-secret, whatever it was.


Life’s greatest miracle: that two bodies can become one… under the sheets.

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