Under the Sheets (Part 1)

Posted by [Deleted user] on Monday 27.08.2012 at 16.33

Hey everyone.

So I know this isn’t the kind of stuff I usually talk about on here, but there’s been some really weird stuff happening where I live. Like, on Saturday that military building burnt down.

It’s almost two miles from my house, out in the middle of a bunch of fields, but my friend Steven lives near there and he said there was an alarm going off there pretty much all night. Apparently they first saw the fire at about 4am, after the alarm had already been going off for hours, and they called the fire brigade but no one came.

He said a few of his neighbours called them too, and basically were just told the fire brigade couldn’t go or something. Kinda strange, right?

He texted me yesterday morning and I went over to see what all the fuss was about, and the place was absolutely destroyed. There were quite a few people around – all civilians, no military or police – and I spoke to some of them. That bit was kinda cool, I felt a bit like a journalist.

Some of the kids had gone right up to the wreckage, which I would never have done because the old stories about that place still give me the creeps. They said that it looked like the building had some underground floors, which makes sense. Everyone always says that it’s like a top-secret military laboratory or something.

It totally gave me the heebie-jeebies so I didn’t stay there long. Later on in the village, though, it was all anyone could talk about. It wasn’t in the newspapers or anything though. I know it sounds kind of stupid but I was half expecting there to be soldiers patrolling about. I didn’t see any, or even any police for that matter, so I guess that whatever happened there wasn’t that big a deal.

But it’s weird, right? I’m not crazy.


How have you guys been? Have you been watching the X Factor or anything? You know I don’t like that kind of thing that much, but my sister does. I didn’t have to watch it last night though, because the TV reception went all dodgy. Small mercies, am I right?


Life’s greatest miracle: that two bodies can become one… under the sheets.

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