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University Achievements

Woo, I finished university with a 2:1! Not a high 2:1, mind, but let’s not talk about that.

I thought this would be as good a time as any to reminisce about all the awesome stuff I did during my three years. Possibly out of a narcissistic need to convince myself that had I focused solely on my work, I would have done better. But, again, let’s not talk about that :p

Well, where to begin…

During my time at university, I’ve been a member of five different choirs:

  1. University Singers
  2. Showstoppers
  3. Sing Out Bristol
  4. The UWE 16
  5. UWE Chamber Choir

I can’t be bothered to work out the exact number, but I’ve been in almost a dozen performances with these fine groups over the past three years (one each with University Singers, UWE 16, and Chamber Choir; and three or four each with Sing Out and Showstoppers). This averages out at roughly one concert per term, which is actually pretty decent going in my opinion.

I’ve also done front of house work for performances I wasn’t a part of – one Sing Out concert and the 2012 UWE musical (which, can I just say, was the weekend before my dissertation was due in and therefore a VERY generous donation of my time).

In a similar performancey vein, I worked for and passed my Grade 6 singing exam. I’m going to be continuing with singing lessons as soon as I get around to finding a teacher 🙂

I’ve been fairly decently involved with Student’s Union activities. I was Welfare Officer for my university’s Student LGBT Network (OutUWE) in my second year and co-President in my third year. I attended two or three NUS LGBT training days and two NUS LGBT student conferences. I attended student council meetings as a representative of OutUWE. I went to every AGM held by my SU,  speaking on behalf of a “safe space” motion in my final year.

I made so many amazing friends and fell in love at least once. I lived with the awesomest housemates I’ll probably ever have, in the awesomest house I’ll probably ever live in.

I kind of feel like there should be more, but I can’t be bothered to try and remember it all now. Whatever. The point is, I had an amazing time and I loved every second of it 🙂