Back to the old grind!

hi all! How have we been? And what about this crazy weather, eh? I’ve been absolutely loving it. I’m definitely a warm weather person.

And hey, yeah, we’re back at uni! Lectures and that have been running for a week now, and I’m already really enjoying myself. This year is looking to be really busy, but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a good’n. First year was really good fun, and second year was even more fun than that, so it doesn’t take a genius to work out that third year should be the most funnest of all :p

I guess I do have a lot to do this year. Of the four modules I’m taking this year, the two mandatory modules (Interpretation of Forensic Evidence and my final year project) are going to be ALOT a lot of work. The two other modules are, I think, the dossiest ones I could have chosen (fingers crossed) so that should be alright.

Don’t worry about me being bored though, or having too much free time. For, you see, I have several other commitments/goals this year. Not least of all, I’m currently a (co)President of UWE’s LGBT Student Network. That’s going to require a lot of work, but I’m more than certain that it’ll be worth the effort.

What else, what else… oh yeah, I should really be doing some research into what I’m going to do with my life after this year. I guess that’d entail doing some work on my CV, looking up what kind of jobs I’d be interested in/employers who might be interested in hiring me etc. That is, of course, unless I decide to continue my eddycation. I’d quite like to study Entomology, and I’ve seen an MSc course or two that could work. But then I have to get in contact with whatever institution is offering the course in order to find out details, and researching whether or not a Masters degree would be likely to do me any good in the long run and whether it would be worth the money and blah blah blahhh BLEURGH.

There’s more, obviously. This year I plan on (re)joining a few choirs: one university choir I couldn’t go to last year due to a timetable clash, one university choir I was in last year, and Sing Out Bristol. Three choirs at a time… how exciting! Since secondary school I’ve usually been in at least one (and often two) during term time, but never three. How crazy rebellious am I? I’m also going to be carrying on with my singing lessons. With some solid practicing, and a little bit of luck, I reckon I can take a good shot at Grade 8 by the end of the academic year.

Throughout all of this I will, of course, be shopping, cooking, socialising, blogging and dating. That’s why a candle has two ends, right?

There’s a good chance that in ten months time I’ll look back at this and curse my stupidity and naiveté, but if it happens it happens and I’ll have learned a valuable lesson 🙂

    • Mary
    • October 3rd, 2011

    I like it. Hope you will do well and be happy. I think it is possible to do both.

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